Crazy Ed has been serving happy customers for over 47 years in the Phoenix Area.  He and his wife of 34 years, Maria, opened the Original Satisfied Frog Restaurant, in Cave Creek, in 1981 .  The Chilleens were the original owners of the famous Crazy Ed's Restaurant located at 19th avenue and Deer Valley road and the creators of The Horny Toad Restaurant, located in Cave Creek,  which they sold in 1972.

 If you heard the urban legend story about Crazy Ed and his wife getting a divorce and  she ended up with the The Horny Toad restaurant and he got the Frog, it's just that, an urban legend.  It makes a good story and makes Ed proud that at least he and Maria are part of an on going legend. 


Our Chili Beer Business is alive and well and Chili Beer is being made at Cerveceria Mexicana the brewers of Mexicali Beer. Chili Beer is sold around the USA and in many other countries. The Chili Beer website is You can buy Chili Beer at The Satisfied Frog on Bell